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FABnews - August 2017

Whilst we spend a lot of time creating, printing and installing every day, run of the mill signage, we do tend to create some pretty unusual pieces too.

Here’s a few examples of the big, round and bright that have passed through our doors recently.

If we can help you with a signage solution – of any kind – please call!


Rod & the Coleman Group team


If you’re looking for BIG, we can do it!

This freestanding FABframe is 7m tall by 5.4m wide. Strengthened throughout with support beams, this will certainly be seen and make an impact at their next event.

Our new printer will allow us to print up to 5m seamless at unrivalled quality, so if big is what you want, we can do it now, better than ever.


When you’re sponsoring a high profile event and want maximum exposure, you need to think outside the square...

You want your branding to be seen on social media and you’ve got a giant dragon that you want to promote, so what else would you do but build a huge round dragon covered photo booth!

Using double sided FABframe profile with FABgrey block out skin inside and out and a custom doorway, this eyecatching photo booth was created for TEDx Sydney.



Hosting an event during Vivid Sydney, you really do have to get clever with lighting.

This feature was created for TEDx using white FABframe cubes stacked to reflect projected light at different angles.

It was a very clever way to do something simple with a big impact.

How can we help you?

Whether you need to create a space, brand an event, produce directional signage or just make something that grabs attention, FABframe is sure to be the signage solution you’re looking for.

Please call us to see how we can help you make your next impact a memorable one, 02 9784 9211.

The lightweight aluminium frames can be easily stored, shipped and re-used, so not only are they the smart option, they’re environmentally friendly too.

What more can you want?

FABframe™, exclusive Australian distributor of REXframe™ profiles

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Sydney: (02) 9784 9211

FABnews - July 2017 - Better, Wider, Faster printing!

After a great deal of investigation, research, comparing and testing, we’re really excited to announce that we’ve invested in two new printers that are now fully operational.

What does this mean for you?

Better, faster, wider printing... what more could you want! Check out below for more details – but, in short, up to 5m width, up to eight times faster and near photographic resolution!

This is a real game changer, allowing us to even greater flexibility in our service offering at unsurpassed speed and quality.

If we can help you with a signage solution – of any kind – please call!


Rod & the Coleman Group team


Phone: 02 9784 9211

5m wide, 10 x faster, even better quality!

The decision to invest in capital equipment isn’t one we take lightly. Through all our research we decided that we just had to fill one requirement:

  • The printer/s had to offer something more than we were already offering.

Width, speed and quality was our target and our research led us to the Dhurst Rho 512R, a 5 metre printer, and Dhurst Rhotex 325, a 3.2 metre fabric printer.

Both printers print:

  • up to ten times quicker,
  • at unrivalled near photographic quality.

This investment further cements Coleman Group as industry innovators, setting the bar even higher for quality and flexibility.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, please call in and we can take you for a tour through our production facility.

If you’re in the market for signage, we’re the people to see.

FABnews - June 2017

Pop-up stores seem to be all the rage at the moment and Coleman Group offers the perfect signage and insatllation solution for speed and versatility. We can quickly and easily create a temporary change of look for just about any situation! And these pop-ups are certainly creating a buzz around town!

If we can help you with a signage solution – of any kind – please call!


Rod & the Coleman Group team


Phone: 02 9784 9211

Popping up for Twin Peaks

When you want to create a buzz you create a pop up!

Once again we completely transformed a retail store to look like the RR Diner from Twin Peaks to promote the launch of the series on Stan.

Using a combination of floor decals, profile cut materials and rigid signage we created an authentic look for the fans to feel like they’re part of it.

And the fans turned out in droves!

Making a space yours

When your event is happening somewhere as iconic as Sydney Opera House there’s only so much you can do to make the space yours and there’s a limited amount of options that you have to work with.

Using the REXframe profiles, we were able to attach the REXwall™ profile to the columns in the Western Foyer of the Opera House. This allowed us to brand the space, make the most of what we had and ensure that the sponsor was front of mind.

Having access to the REXframe profiles has greatly expanded our product range and allows us even more flexibility to create clever signage solutions.

FABnews - May 2017

From high fashion to high tech, we’ve been doing it all!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is always a highlight with creating the perfect backdrop to showcase both the fashion and fashionistas.

We’re constantly being challenged to see what we can create, how far we can push the limitations of the products we use, how we can make something stand out and get noticed. Sometimes the results are tricky, sometimes they’re interesting and sometimes they’re just clever – but whatever they are, we’re proud to be doing them.

If we can help you with a signage solution – of any kind – please call!


Rod & the Coleman Group team


Phone: 02 9784 9211

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017

When you’re talking high fashion you really have to look the part, and once again, FABframe created the perfect accessory to complement the fashion at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017.

Integrating TVs into FABframe registration wall set the scene for the arrival of guests. Media walls throughout the venue provided the ideal backdrop to highlight the fashion and a 5m x 3m event schedule ensured the guests knew what was coming up next.

From render to reality

It’s always good to see a concept come to life and this was especially true when creating a 3D illuminated huge version of a logo.

Using FABlit and a Double Sided Lightbox, we created this larger than life logo, 2m high x 1.7 wide that certainly stood out.

We think it looks pretty fierce and ready to protect!

When you want a sign that doesn’t interfere with the view...

Going to the Races is all about the horses. The last thing you want is a sponsors sign getting in the way when the horses are heading into the home stretch.

So FABframe offers the perfect solution with a hinged sign. During the race the signage is folded, then the race is over and the winners are heading to the Podium, the sponsors signs are extended, showcasing the sponsors and creating the perfect backdrop for the media.

Announcing an exciting partnership

We’re proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor of REXframe™ profiles. REXframe is the fastest growing profile in the USA and they’re pushing the boundaries of what signage options.

Our partnership with REXframe allows us greater access to product development, ensuring that we can continue to offer you the best solution for your signage, whatever the space.

For more information on REXframe, take a look at their website.

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