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FABnews - October 2018

It is pretty incredible to think about how far signage has come in the 70 years since Robert Coleman founded R.B. Coleman Signs in 1948.

Back then, it was all about a paintbrush and a steady hand telling a message or promoting a product. Today, it’s all about the printer, the substrate and a clever solution to get maximum bang for your buck – whether it’s on the floor, the walls, the windows, hanging from the ceiling, on a vehicle or in the middle of a field, pitch, paddock or track.

It seems that signage now has no bounds!

If you’re looking for clever signage for an exhibition, event, activation or even for everyday use, we can work with you to find the perfect solution to achieve your goal and budget.

Contact your Account Manager to discuss your plans. We’d be happy to help!

All about gifts!

Once again Reed Gift Fairs was a huge event at MCEC and Melbourne Showgrounds.

Transforming exhibition space is one of Reed’s special “gifts” (pardon the pun)! And this year, they’ve outdone themselves yet again. From entrance features to wayfinding signage, break-out areas to booths, from backdrops to featured cubes.

The space looked the part and set the mood for yet another great event.

Standing out

Building a stand with a footprint of 9m x 6m, plus a height of 5.8m, in a beautiful semi-opaque fabric, ensures that you will be noticed.

This was a great design from Creative Concept Designs that maximised their allocation of space, supported the image of the brand and created a presence that will be remembered by guests.

Zoning your space

Australian Gift & Homewares Association held another outstanding Gift Fair this year at MCEC.

From the moment guests entered, they were transported to wonderland of thousands of gifts, ideas and inspiration.

The entrance, the stairs, the walls, even the roof space were transformed into buying zones to allow the buyers to be directed to exactly where they wanted to be.

Another great Gift Fair for AGHA.

In-store display

Creating clever, attention-grabbing in-store displays is easy when you’re using FABframe. The key is to use the maximum space with awesome images that will relate to the end user.

The recent promo for Galaxy Note9 does just that, simply and elegantly.

FABnews - September 2018

Everyone from our sales team to the designers, production team and installers have been kept on their toes with tons of great events and exhibitions across the country.

Take a look at some of the highlights and let us know if you’ve got an event or exhibition coming up – or even if you just need some new signage.

We can create a solution that’s perfect for you.

There’s no mistaking where they were

When you’re getting the best geeks in the world together for an event designed to disrupt the status quo of technology, you’ve just got to look the part.

Coleman Group stepped up to the call with just two weeks to produce and install 200m of FABframe to create backdrops and table lights plus furniture decals and novelty cheques.

A great example of clear, clean, consistent branding.

Getting your message across

This rigged curved FABframe with a freestanding single sided profile with seamlessly integrated TV screen was a great attention grabber for the recent Toyota National Dealer Meeting.

Additional freestanding FABframes were also used to highlight vehicle features throughout the venue.

Overhead focus

Our client wanted an overhead sign with depth, so that’s what they got. We used RX-110 profile – a double sided lightbox with custom curved corners. Finished size was 3000 x 820mm and it created the perfect focal point for the event.

FABnews - August 2018

Last month saw us head north, south and west for events, activations and exhibitions.

The versatility of FABframe, coupled with more traditional signage, allows us to mix and match to create exactly the look, feel and budget that our clients are looking for.

If you’ve got a project coming up – big or small, please get in touch and we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.


Rod & the Coleman Group team
Phone: 02 9784 9222

The Attention Grabber

You can’t help but be noticed when you have a massive rigged cylinder hanging above your stand. This beauty has a 6m diameter, 1.5m height with printed skin on the inside and outside.

It’s the perfect attention grabber!

Creating the atmosphere

For the Inland Rail Conference, FABframe was used to create a shipping container for guests to enter to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Inland Rail.

The “container” was constructed from a cube with a ceiling, measuring 4m deep, 3m wide, 2,4m high. Self-adhesive vinyl was used for the flooring. The internal walls had integrated flush mounted TV screens and the external walls looked just like a container.

Very clever design to create just the right atmosphere.

Creating a focal point

When you want all eyes on the stage, creating a backdrop really draws the attention to exactly where you want it.

These FABframe backdrops with integrated flush mounted TV screens were angled at the top and hinged to form returns, creating a wrap-around effect. A very clever design for a very versatile product.

When it’s all about mining, you’ve got to go big or go home

Once again, QME, the Reed Mining Event, was a big event.

From the registration desk to the wayfinding signage, branding and storage, we left no stone unturned when it came to signage.

FABnews - July 2018

When you want your guests to be totally immersed in your event from the moment they set foot inside, our signage is the perfect solution to set the scene and create the mood.

The flexibility and adaptability of our signage, the different mediums available and the size and quality of our prints, ensure that we can brand just about anything, anywhere.

If you’ve got a project coming up – big or small, please get in touch and we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.


Rod & the Coleman Group team
Phone: 02 9784 9222

Creature comforts

When you’re hosting the biggest management event in Australia, you’ve got to look the part and provide some creature comforts for your guests.

For the Qualtrics X4 Sydney event at ICC, our signage was the perfect backdrop for the guests to immerse themselves and the charging stations created out a combination of Cube and Double Sided FABframe profiles provided the creature comfort of battery life!

For this event we printed and installed branding, wayfinding and sponsorship signage, multimedia walls, pillar branding and charging stations.

19m x 5m entrance feature with two doorways

FABframe structures supporting TV screens, 5m x 2.7m

FABframe wall supporting TV.

Double sided charging stations ensure that guests can easily plug in, recharge and stay connected.

Bringing dinosaurs to life

Samsung Gear bought dinosaurs and Jurassic World to life at an installation at Vodafone George Street.

FABframe set the scene by creating lifelike surrounds using three Single Sided lightboxes with a supported TV screen to display the movie.

Using 6m of walling, 3.2m high, the guests were well and truly starting their experience even before the movie started.

FABnews - June 2018

Backdrops and media walls have been the flavour of the month and REXframe profiles are the perfect solution.

Their versatility and high-quality finish ensure that the end result delivers exactly what the client is looking for.

But REXframe offers so much more than backdrops and media walls. We can build entire structures for your next exhibition, rigged signs to assist wayfinding, LED lightboxes to grab attention, stands to support a TV or iPad, freestanding room dividers that create interest plus a huge range of solutions to support the branding of a company or event.

If you’ve got a project coming up – big or small, please get in touch and we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.

The look... and the function

When you’re promoting an event for Tag Heuer at Sydney’s MCA you really have to look the part and back up the prestige look with hight function.

Using an external cube to create an entrance from Sydney Harbour Foreshore, guests were welcomed into the MCA for the event.

Our FABframes delivered the goods, providing the perfect backdrop for each of these prestige cars to set the scene and create the mood.

The game

When the World Cup fever hits, and you’ve got to broadcast rights, you want to promote it!

These two single-sided free standing FABframes were used at the media launch.

The fashion

Fashion shows are created to show off the fashion, but promoting the sponsor, cause or event is also a high priority.

At the Farewell Fashion Show, we provided freestanding walls on either side of the stage as well as a recessed aperture and a media wall.

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