About Us

FABframe™ is creating a revolution in signage. Offering rich, vibrant fabric skins displayed in lightweight aluminium frames, FABframe™ is impressive in its
versatility and look.

FABframe™ is available in a range of profiles or can be custom designed to maximise the use of your space.

Designed to be compatible with the Octanorm system, they connect using a simple locking system or can be wall mounted, double sided, free standing, suspended, curved or used with an LED light box.

The fabric skins are printed on water based dye sublimation printers,
embedding the ink into the fabric to ensure rich, vibrant, colourfast designs.
The skins are easily removed from the frames, offering a cost effective and
simple solution for POP displays that require seasonal change. They are
machine washable, crease resistant and easy to transport.

FABframe™ offers so much more than traditional signage, it’s more cost effective, more versatile, more environmentally friendly and gives a far superior end result.

FABframe™ is a simple yet striking signage system that is changing the world of signs.

FABframe™ is proud to have exclusive Australian dealership rights for the REXframe™ profiles – the fastest growing signage system in the USA.

Who We Are

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With over 60 years experience in the signage business in Australia, the
designers of FABframe™ have seen many changes within the industry and
have been leaders in innovation, design and service delivery.

Developing long term relationships with clients, working together to create
solutions and consistently delivering premium products and services is the
foundation upon which they stand.

Features & Benefits

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FABframe™ offers a solution for any indoor signage requirement.

FABframe™ is:

  • lightweight yet strong
  • simple, fast assembly
  • rich and vibrant
  • colourfast, fade resistant, crease resistant and machine washable
  • versatile and has many applications
  • designed to lock with the Octanorm system
  • easy to fold and store
  • economical to transport
  • re-usable hardware
  • cost effective
  • environmentally friendly
  • a superior end result

FABframe™ is the latest technology in signage and creates a bold, beautiful, eye catching result.

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