There’s some jobs that we do that are really challenging and interesting. They may us think outside the box and try new things. Sometimes we need to experiment, change and tweak until we get it just right. Always, the results are amazing. We want to share some of those types of jobs with you.

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From the Account Manager’s perspective, Sam Paleo: “The client came to us with a really challenging concept – a series of large rigged offset arches, illuminated on 4 sides, with the colour chaning on one side, but remaining constant on the other 3.

We hadn’t built anything like this before and didn’t think it could be done without colour bleeding and shadows from the supports required for such a large rigged structure. With some testing and experimenting we found a solution that created a great result. Well done Ness – a very deserving win for best stand.”

From the client’s perspective, Peter Mohan, National Marketing Manager: “Ness Corporation is Australia’s largest manufacturer of electronic security and automation products – and is also a major distributor of quality high-definition CCTV products.

Having won Best Stand Award at Security 2015 and now Security 2017, both times with a custom construction built by Coleman Group, we heartily recommend Coleman Group and FABframe to anybody crazy enough to build such a complicated design as we did. ”


When you want to re-create a store where there is no store, FABframe is your solution.

Using a combination of single and double sided FABframe, lightboxes and custom cubes, our client was able to re-create a store within an exhibition space.

We think the end result looked fabulous.


When you’re exhibiting with designers and architects, you really need to think outside the square if you want to make a statement,

Signature Floorconcepts did just that when they partnered with Group GSA for Sydney Indesign 2017. The theme was CLICK and the brief was to create a unique experience where interaction and connection are enhanced through the five senses in a shared activity.

The result was a multi-sensory “kaleidoscope of colour”, experienced within a “cloud”.

Visitors were invited to enter the cloud and click in their headset to immerse themselves in a beautiful, textured element within the space, accompanied with stimulating vision and sound to encourage an interpretation on kinetic movement.

The challenge for Coleman Group was to create the cloud – a structure that was rigged low to the ground, required projection to the top and was strong enough to withstand weight and movement on the bottom.

We managed to fill the requirements and the clients were delighted with the result.