From building kitchens to brightening up a space to framing a tank to branding a huge event, FABframe came to the party and made it happen. ...

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Branding the event

FABframe was used throughout Telstra Vantage 2016 to brand the event, define space and create the mood.

Making a huge impact with a 40m x 3m welcome wall, two entry walls measuring 7m x 5m, three 3m x 3m lightboxes, a central “chandelier” feature made from 280 panels, 1.5 kms of lines on the ground throughout and multiple FABwalls throughout.

The event was promoting insight, inspiration and innovation, with FABframe certainly lending itself to the theme.

Take a look at more details of the event here.

FABframe kitchen

FABframe made a great impression at the Delicious Food Awards last month.

This versatile system was used to create a rear wall with integrated Espresso machines and also an island bench with melamine counter top.

It seems that FABframe is able to deliver whatever is asked of it!

Brightening up a space

A big part of running an event is creating the atmosphere, and that’s not always easy when the event is held in a big grey space... so FABframe changed all that with this fabulous wall feature.

It certainly created a focal point and added a whole lot of colour to the space.

Framing a tank

The sheer size of this sign is lost when compared to the tank that it’s framing, but it’s huge, measuring in at 8000 x 8000 x 2400mm high. Pico Australia were really happy with the result.