Take a look at some of the great work that FABframe has been delivering lately. We’re continually amazed by the versatility of this product and the creativity of our clients.

Showing off Hitachi

At AIMEX 2015, the Hitachi stand looked awesome. Using FABframe to create an overhead structure, the stand had a very defined space.

A FABframe built storage room added appeal and function. Well done Pico Australia on a great, innovative design!

Introducing the new Backlit Ladder Lighting System

We’re currently rolling out 32 FABframe lightboxes on the train platforms throughout the Sydney Airport Link network.

These lightboxes are billboard sized and illuminated using our new backlit ladder lighting option. Replacing the old fluoro signage, they are a lot more appealing, a whole lot kinder to the environment and require less maintenance.

These lightboxes are slimmer than traditional lightboxes and measure 7 x 2.8m, so they truly create a focal point for the commuter.

The backlit ladder lighting is another lighting option available to you, along with the edge lit LED or RGB alternatives.

Do you have old fluoro signs that need replacing or a great space that isn’t being utilised to its full potential? FABframe lightboxes could be your solution.

Creating a compelling space with lightboxes

Our client wanted to stand out from their competitors with a modern, innovative and appealing stand.

So we created this great space using an L shaped backlit lightbox. With each side measuring 2850 x 2400, it made the perfect backdrop to showcase his business.

The graphics are printed on FABlit, a purpose designed fabric that is perfect for this installation.

At the end of the show, they could just dismantle the lightboxes and pack them away for next year. Simply by printing new skins, they will can have a whole new look for a lot less cost.

Why not use FABframe for your next booth and have it backlit for extra impact?