In the ever evolving world of signage, FABframe, with the assistance of the new REXframe profiles, is hitting the mark again and again.

Whether you’re branding an event, creating the perfect backdrop or building a structure, the look, the finish and the versatility of FABframe is second to none.

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When you’re hosting a major event you really need to make sure your brand is seen.

For Channel 10 Upfronts 2018 it was all about the promotion, so FABframe fitted the bill perfectly with entrance features and a media wall.

The entrance cubes lining the red carpet were 1m x 3m and a massive lightbox measuring 14m x 3, made sure the brand was captured from every angle.

Topping it all off was a media wall, providing the perfect backdrop for all the stars to have their pic taken.

Photo experience

When you’ve invited to a VIP experience to watch your UFC superstars, you want to make sure you get the perfect photo for the pool room.

FABframe created the perfect backdrop for that perfect photo.


For the launch of the new BMW X3, we built a REXwall Cube to create a Virtual Reality studio.

The innovation, experience, branding and finish of the signage had to be on point – to match the quality of the product, and REXwall delivered. With a beautiful seamless finish, the profile lent itself to the brief perfectly, allowing the fabric to wrap around the outside of the profile.

Once inside, your senses took over with the virtual reality experience.