Clever branding opportunities at ICC

ICC now has a clever way of promoting events and providing wayfinding signage to guests.

Transforming a blank concrete wall with the RX-104 FABframe single sided profile, they can now offer five spaces to exhibitors to brand and promote their events.

The beauty of this concept is the ease of changing the fabric skins to suit the occasion and the way that the signage looks like part of the construction.

Creating a space within a space for a client experience

We needed to create an experience for a sports-related client event, so we built a tunnel – as though the guests were about to enter the stadium at the end of that tunnel.

Using REXwall to build the walls and FABframe RX-105 to build the ceilings, we managed to build a solid structure, complete with fire doors – all ready for the fabric skins to be applied.

Top it off with downlights from the ceiling and it’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get...

Once the guests were through the tunnel, FABframe once again created the atmosphere of being at the game with rich, vibrant prints and a recessed TV supported in FABframe RX-105.

It was a great result for the client and much more exciting than just walking through a hotel foyer to enter an event.

Making the old new again

When Suttons moved their Parts Distribution Centre to its new location, there was a huge empty signage frame over the entrance. It was in good condition and would have been expensive to replace.

So rather than replace it, we modified the existing frame to ensure a perfect fit for the new digitally printed PVC skin and turned it into a lightbox.

A great result that was also cost effective and saved the environment from unnecessary waste.

Fashion backdrop

When you’re selling an image, it’s all about the look. For this event we produced high-quality gloss posters, wall vinyl, floor vinyl and a media wall to showcase the fashion and promote the brand.