FABframe created a beautiful backdrop for the catwalk during the Swarovski show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.This was one of many FABframe installations throughout the event, and a great example of the beauty that can be created through fabric printing.Check out our other images below to see just how versatile FABframe really is.

First impressions

The entire entrance structure for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was made from FABframe.

FABframe media wall

FABframe wall

Setting the scene

FABframe set the scene for the Rekoderlig bar at Fashion Week with an installation down one wall. A great way to set the mood!

Cornerstone Bar

We wrapped this wooden bar with FABframe to make another branding opportunity.

Life is...

Last month we showed you the great installation created by BrandCulture in a Sydney shopping centre. They’ve created a timelapse of the installation that we think is pretty cool.  Check it out here 

Suspended rotating cubes

At FABframe we’re always trying to create something new – something that will draw attention, create discussion and generate interest.

And that’s exactly what these suspended, rotating cubes did at CeBit this month at Sydney Olympic Park.  The illuminated cubes were 1500mm x 1500mm, so they definitely made an impact!

Project created by The Exhibit Company.

Check out this video to see them in action.