Our feet have barely touched the ground since the start of the year and it’s March already!

We’ve been working on some pretty awesome projects and delivered great results for our clients.

Here’s a couple of recent highlights:

  • Huge curved rigged signage that defines a space and supports clouds, trees and backdrops to set the scene for the trailblazers at the Salesforce Campground.
  • Single sided exhibition stands that seamlessly house a TV screen, promote a brand and create a booth for EEAA at AIME 2018.
  • Arched walkways that grab attention and creatively showcase a product for Babyhood at the Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s Expo.

FABframe delivers it all with style!

When it’s curved AND rigged AND HUGE

Take a look at this 30 metre long curved, rigged signage at the 2018 Salesforce Campground. It’s incredible! And a great way to promote a product that lives in the “cloud”.

The 6.8m trees and the backdrops measuring up to 20m x 7m complete the campground look. After all, you really can’t have a campground without trees and a kangaroo can you!

It’s an awesome way to create the mood for an event and get your guests talking.

Arched walkways

When the product you’re selling is all about protecting the precious cargo, then creating a protective cocoon as your showcase makes absolute sense.

Babyhood did just that at the Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo to promote their cot and car seat products.

It’s also a great central focal point and the perfect way to display a lot of information in a defined space.

Proudly supporting EEAA at AIME

Coleman Group is always proud to support EEAA at their events, and this stand at AIME was no exception.

Whether you’re looking for a simple L shaped structure or a wall that can support a TV monitor or a stand with built-in storage,  FABframe is the one-stop shop for it all.