2015 has certainly kicked off with a bang for us at FABframe. Check out the photos below for some of the great results we’ve achieved for our clients.

We’re also really pleased to launch an innovative new lightbox using backlit lights and thinner frames... more details below.

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Who wants to be an umpire?

We’re continuing to push the boundaries of what we can achieve with FABframe and we’re really excited about this latest activation.

Emirates wanted to create an interactive site for the Cricket World Cup 2015, to be used in three venues, and FABframe came to the party.

Using a marquee as the base structure, we attached FABframe to create the look the client was after and added some additional reinforcement to make sure the structure was sound.

As this was an external installation we needed to use weather resistant fabric to cope with rain, whilst also making sure it was breathable to ensure the structure didn’t turn into a sail in windy conditions.

FABframe was also used to create back of house access, TV and iPad mounts.

The fabric really lent itself to the bright vibrant print and certainly drew the attention of the crowds.

We’re really happy with the end result and our client loved it.

What’s new – FABframe Backlit Lightboxes

In response to client demand for a smaller, thinner lightbox, we’ve created it!

Using backlighting rather than the usual light strip within the frame, we’re able to use a thinner profile and achieve the same great lighting.

Currently available for use with an 80mm profile, but with 50mm coming soon!

Call us to find out more – and stay tuned for photos!

Tribute to James Turrell

Canberra Centre recently hosted a tribute to American artist James Turrell who is exhibiting at the National Gallery of Australia. Turrell is primarily concerned with light and space, so FABframe lightboxes were the perfect solution for this installation.

Within the shopping centre thoroughfares white powder coated framework was installed with powder coated lightboxes suspended to display the artwork.

We believe the simplicity of the structure combined with the intensity of the art created a perfect balance and fitting tribute to this great artist.

Creating a welcoming space

FABframe created a welcoming space at the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo.

The client wanted a space that people could see into so we used FABsheer to create the impact they were after.

The fabric allowed for beautiful clear print without becoming a barrier.

Welcome to Seb & Ash

We’ve recently welcomed two new members into the FABframe sales team.

Account Manager Seb Goldrick comes to us from working in charity sales and is currently completing a Bachelors of Sports Business.

He was looking to change jobs to allow for good career prospects, build on his customer service and sales skillls and is excited to be selling a great innovative system.



Sales Co-ordinator Ash Oddi has recently graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Design and this is her first full time role.

She is interested in commercial design and wanted to join a company that would allow her to learn about the application of design.

Ash supports the sales team and is currently working on upgrading our website.