Backdrops and media walls have been the flavour of the month and REXframe profiles are the perfect solution.

Their versatility and high-quality finish ensure that the end result delivers exactly what the client is looking for.

But REXframe offers so much more than backdrops and media walls. We can build entire structures for your next exhibition, rigged signs to assist wayfinding, LED lightboxes to grab attention, stands to support a TV or iPad, freestanding room dividers that create interest plus a huge range of solutions to support the branding of a company or event.

If you’ve got a project coming up – big or small, please get in touch and we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.

The look... and the function

When you’re promoting an event for Tag Heuer at Sydney’s MCA you really have to look the part and back up the prestige look with hight function.

Using an external cube to create an entrance from Sydney Harbour Foreshore, guests were welcomed into the MCA for the event.

Our FABframes delivered the goods, providing the perfect backdrop for each of these prestige cars to set the scene and create the mood.

The game

When the World Cup fever hits, and you’ve got to broadcast rights, you want to promote it!

These two single-sided free standing FABframes were used at the media launch.

The fashion

Fashion shows are created to show off the fashion, but promoting the sponsor, cause or event is also a high priority.

At the Farewell Fashion Show, we provided freestanding walls on either side of the stage as well as a recessed aperture and a media wall.