FABframe has been showing off it’s true versatility this week – everywhere from events to exhibitions to TV sets.Take a look at some of the great results that our clients have achieved using FABframe.

Catching the eye

When you want to stand out from your competition, a huge unusual shaped structure suspended over your stand is bound to do the trick.

Working with The Display Builders, we created this Z shaped structure for Airefrig at ARBS 2014.

Using custom curved extrusions, the structure was designed to maximise use of the space available.

To give a clean look without fixings, fabric was fitted to the bottom and ends as well as the sides.  The overall size of the structure was 15 m x 9 m x 2.75 m.

It definitely makes an impact!

Creating an illusion

When working with TV, it’s all about the illusion, creating ambience and transporting your audience to another time and place.

That’s exactly what Dan Patmore did when using FABframe profiles and fabrics for a TV set for SBS during the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

We think it looks fabulous!

Directing traffic

FABframe featured at designEX and was used to surround a theatre within the show.  It displayed sponsor logos, show information and direction to the entry. It was 12m x 2.4m and went around a corner for an additional 3m.

FABframe also created a tunnel entry feature into the show. It was a similar size and created a great impact.

Structures were designed by Diversified.