After a great deal of investigation, research, comparing and testing, we’re really excited to announce that we’ve invested in two new printers that are now fully operational.

What does this mean for you?

Better, faster, wider printing... what more could you want! Check out below for more details – but, in short, up to 5m width, up to eight times faster and near photographic resolution!

This is a real game changer, allowing us to even greater flexibility in our service offering at unsurpassed speed and quality.

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Rod & the Coleman Group team


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5m wide, 10 x faster, even better quality!

The decision to invest in capital equipment isn’t one we take lightly. Through all our research we decided that we just had to fill one requirement:

  • The printer/s had to offer something more than we were already offering.

Width, speed and quality was our target and our research led us to the Dhurst Rho 512R, a 5 metre printer, and Dhurst Rhotex 325, a 3.2 metre fabric printer.

Both printers print:

  • up to ten times quicker,
  • at unrivalled near photographic quality.

This investment further cements Coleman Group as industry innovators, setting the bar even higher for quality and flexibility.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, please call in and we can take you for a tour through our production facility.

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