Creating backdrops, promoting brands and setting scenes is what FABframe is all about.

Check out a couple of clever solutions we’ve delivered this month.

FABframe integrated installation

We used FABframe to build a tower, installed an LCD screen in it, then wrapped it.

It’s a great way to securely and seamlessly install multimedia, create interest and brand the space all at the same time.

The screen is supported within the framework and all cords are hidden within the tower.

Behind the scenes

FABframe was used to create a media wall at the end of a catwalk, and also the entire changing room structure behind it.

Within the square structure, there were two separate curtained changing rooms, with walls and privacy curtains.  All made out of FABframe extrusions and fabric, easy to dismantle and send to the next venue for the next event.

Simple, stylish and clever.  That’s what we like!

Dressing up the Board Room

Since moving into our new office we’ve been finding even more aplications for FABframe.

We wanted to install a flatscreen TV into the board room and create some warmth – so we installed a frame, printed fabric for a feature wall to match the table, installed the TV so it sits flush, and voila!  It’s a whole new space.

Power cords are hidden within the frame, and everyone thinks it looks very impressive!

The best part is that you can easily change the graphic to suit the season, the promotion, the event, the furniture...

New L Shaped Feet

The new L Shaped Feet simply attach to the vertical struts of the FABframe structure with two clipping points, eliminating the need for drilling.  The two clip points provide a sturdy base and can be used in conjunction with the Flat Feet for longer lengths.

The L Shaped Feet are connected using the Knurled Nut.