With the calendar rolling over to 2018, Coleman Group buckle in for what is set to be a busy year ahead.

Since the inception of REXframe, our portfolio of profiles and accessories have increased immensely. This includes the REXwall system which is ideal for extensive internal and external builds.

Never before has it been easier to build structures, booths, cubes or media walls. This product is strong, versatile, durable and easy to support.

Whether you’re building a structure indoors or outdoors, retrofitting or building new, REXwall could be just the product you’re looking for.

If we can help you with a signage solution – of any kind – please call!


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Take a look at REXwall

Representing at the Tennis

When the sponsor is Rolex, the product has to look the part too. These huge FABframe lightboxes did the job perfectly!

Interior fit out

When you need to brand your office but can’t find the right wallpaper, we can print it for you!

Using FABframe RX104 and block out fabric, with cut-outs for power points and TVs, we created just the finish they were looking for.

Creating a backdrop

Using FABframe RX105, we created the ideal backdrop for this event to draw attention to a central focal point, making sure, once again, that the brand is perfectly portrayed.