International Convention Centre Sydney is open for business
And FABframe is all over it!

We’re delighted that the ICC has opened and the venue is fabulous!

With two major exhibitions opening on 20th December 2016, we’re sure Sydney-siders are just as happy as we are to have a world class entertainment, convention and exhibition precinct right in the midst of our city.

FABframe is featured in the directional signage within the precinct, with specifically engineered structures designed to withstand weather. The frames are forklifted into place and are weighted to hold up in the wind. The FABrepel fabric is water resistant, so repels water and holds up in the rain.

As with all FABframe, the skins can be quickly and easily replaced to reflect the needs of the Centre.

Next time you’re in Sydney, make sure you check out the precinct!

Hunger Games at ICC
It was great to be part of the first event at Sydney’s International Convention Centre, with FABframe setting the mood and creating the scene for the Hunger Games exhibition.

We supplied directional signage, pillar and wall wraps, entry structures, media wall, huge, suspended graphics and even floor decals.

Rather than using window decals, we used double sided FABframe to sit within the dividers. This solution not only allowed a different image to be displayed on either side, but it also offers quick and easy installation and removal.

Brickman Wonders of the World Exhibition at ICC

Things have changed from the days when Lego was simple and signs were painted or hung. Today, Lego is used to re-create the Wonders of the World in incredible masterpieces and signage is printed, wrapped, hung, mounted and framed.

Brickman has it all at ICC and FABframe helped promote the event with directional signage and pillar wraps.

It’s still on, so if you’re a Lego fan and you’re in Sydney, go check it out.