Every day we see some pretty amazing things cross our desk.

We work with incredible creatives who can take a simple thing, change it a little and give it a whole new look and life.

Making the ordinary look extraordinary is now becoming the norm and it’s pretty exciting to see what people can dream up.

The materials, the framework and the technology that we now have at hand all make the vision become a reality.

From the simple jobs to the incredibly complex, we’re beside you every step of the way.

Let us know what you’re dreaming up or what challenges you’re facing and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.


Completing the look

The inaugural MAAS Fashion Ball at the Powerhouse Museum was all about the look and the details. Overseen by the formidable Anna Wintour, with nearly 300 of the country’s top fashion heavyweights in attendance, this was never going to be an ordinary event – so no ordinary media wall was used.

This 12m long wall was printed on 5m UV self-adhesive vinyl on a roll to roll printer. It was then applied to a wall, a curve and the floor to achieve this continuous look.

A great effect for a great event.

When you can’t buy the branded product...

You just brand the product! Right?

These Coors deck chairs really looked the part with their new canvas prints for a recent activation.

Taking the ordinary to make it extraordinary...