The key to FABframe is its versatility.

From rechargeable LED tabletop signage to 24m long media walls; to entrance structures with built in storage to suspended directional signage; FABframe does it all, easily.

Taking a room from drab to fab can be done by simply adding a lightbox; taking a huge room from impersonal to warm and inviting can be done by creating FABwalls and sectioning the room.

Whatever you need to create the scene, FABframe can do it for you, with simplicity and style.

If we can help with your signage requirements, please give us a call!


Rod & the FABframe team


Making a BIG impact

When it’s got to be big, FABframe delivers.

This 24 metre long x 3 metre high wall was created for TheEar, creating the backdrop for the 2016 Media Summit.

The frame itself was made modular in 3 metre section. It can be used as a 6 metre long x 3 metre high frame at it’s smallest..
By adding the 3 metre lengths you can use the frame for various sized stages or rooms (6, 9, 12, 15 metre etc).

It’s a great way of branding and personalising your space.

The view that isn’t a view

This is a clever application of a FABframe lightbox used to create the illusion of a room with a view – when it’s really just a lightbox with a beautiful print on it.

It certainly creates a different scene and sets the mood.