We’ve been all over the east coast at fairs, exhibitions and events, and, once again, pushing the boundaries of conventional signage with FABframe.

From overhead structures to huge features to unique lighting effects, FABframe is stepping up to the plate every time.

Take a look at some of our recent work.


Gift Fairs

Once again, FABframe featured heavily at Reed Gift Fairs with information and directional signage as well as all their show branding. This fair just seems to get bigger and better every year!

Overhanging structures

FABframe was used to create a huge overhanging structure at the Security2015 expo. The structure was 9m x 6m x 2.4m, and the company won Best Stand Award as well as Best Product – so they were delighted! Well done.

RGB chased lights

We’re loving the effect created by chasing RGB lights inside a FABframe cube. Take a look at them in action here. Contact us to find out more about our lightbox range. We have edge lit, backlit, RGB preset, RGB controllers and RGB chased lights.

Setting the scene

AGHA featured FABframe lightboxes and feature walls to create some truly unique looks.

Attention grabbing

FABframe has been installed as a permanent fixture in this high traffic, highly visible space.

This structure is huge – just over 7m square – so it’s guaranteed to be noticed!

The space is sold for advertising, so keep your eye out for it.