In the 60+ years that Coleman Group has been in this industry, it’s really incredible how far we have come when it comes to exhibition and event signage.

There’s not much we can’t do these days, as demonstrated at our stand at AIME.

Our stand was built completely out of REXwall and featured a room with a lockable door, a curved wall, an open meeting space that was skinned internally and externally as well as a backlit and front lit wall.

RX105 double-sided profiles with flat feet created points of interest and allowed us to tell our story.

It’s a great example of what this great product can achieve.

Whatever your signage needs – big or small, simple or complicated – Coleman Group can deliver every time.

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Horsing around

When you’re looking for a great photo opp, but need to ensure guest safety, this was a great solution our client came up with for a recent event.

Using a single sided REXframe profile, with a weighted, wired bolt through a fabric with a lead rope attached, guests could pose for a photo of them taming a wild horse.
It was a great idea and great publicity for social media.

Creating atmosphere in an office

This ceiling feature brings both nature and light into an open office space.

Using a REXframe lightbox rigged to the ceiling, a focal point has been created that brings warmth, light and atmosphere to the space.

Getting your message across

Gone are the days when your only option to restrict access or define a space was to put up barricades or posters.

With REXframe, we’re able to custom fit profiles to exact specifications and then brand them to promote an event, product or brand. The best part is that once you have the profile, you can use them again and again, with only the need to reprint the fabric.

The horses looked like they were about to run right out of the walls at the recent Yearling Sales.