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FABnews - May 2018 (2)

Clever branding opportunities at ICC

ICC now has a clever way of promoting events and providing wayfinding signage to guests.

Transforming a blank concrete wall with the RX-104 FABframe single sided profile, they can now offer five spaces to exhibitors to brand and promote their events.

The beauty of this concept is the ease of changing the fabric skins to suit the occasion and the way that the signage looks like part of the construction.

Creating a space within a space for a client experience

We needed to create an experience for a sports-related client event, so we built a tunnel – as though the guests were about to enter the stadium at the end of that tunnel.

Using REXwall to build the walls and FABframe RX-105 to build the ceilings, we managed to build a solid structure, complete with fire doors – all ready for the fabric skins to be applied.

Top it off with downlights from the ceiling and it’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get...

Once the guests were through the tunnel, FABframe once again created the atmosphere of being at the game with rich, vibrant prints and a recessed TV supported in FABframe RX-105.

It was a great result for the client and much more exciting than just walking through a hotel foyer to enter an event.

Making the old new again

When Suttons moved their Parts Distribution Centre to its new location, there was a huge empty signage frame over the entrance. It was in good condition and would have been expensive to replace.

So rather than replace it, we modified the existing frame to ensure a perfect fit for the new digitally printed PVC skin and turned it into a lightbox.

A great result that was also cost effective and saved the environment from unnecessary waste.

Fashion backdrop

When you’re selling an image, it’s all about the look. For this event we produced high-quality gloss posters, wall vinyl, floor vinyl and a media wall to showcase the fashion and promote the brand.

FABnews - May 2018

AWS Summit Sydney

We were thrilled to print and install signage for the AWS Summit Sydney and the Amazon Innovation Day at ICC.

Using a combination of REXframe profiles, FABframe, fabric pillar wraps, PVC and vinyl, we were able to achieve a high tech look and feel for the event that supported the theme of innovation.

Our staff did a tremendous job putting everything together, with a dedicated project manager and a team of installers working on site over three days to complete the install.

The signage looked great and our client was delighted with the outcome,

“Please pass our thanks to onsite project manager Chris and the installers who went above and beyond for all our crazy last minute requests, nothing was ever too hard or a stretch for them to help out. It was a blessing to have someone onsite who was willing to assist in every way possible to help deliver.”

It was a fantastic project to work on and a fabulous design by George P. Johnson.

If you’ve got a project coming up – big or small, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Rod & the Coleman Group team


Phone: 02 9784 9222

 Rigged wayfinding FABframe signage 3m x 0.5m and Welcome signage 16.5m x 3m.


 Wayfinder divider between two theatrettes 5m x 10m plus rigged overhead fabric banner.
 FABframe stage backdrop 12m x 2m
 FABframe retrofitted into windows to maximise branding opportunities.
 Overhead rigged fabric banner 8m x 2m with 6.5m high fabric pillar wraps in the background.
 FABframe archway with vinyl applied to wall flats in the background.
 Overhead rigged banner with vinyl covered wall flats.
 FABframe archway with illuminated vertical posts.

FABnews - April 2018

In the 60+ years that Coleman Group has been in this industry, it’s really incredible how far we have come when it comes to exhibition and event signage.

There’s not much we can’t do these days, as demonstrated at our stand at AIME.

Our stand was built completely out of REXwall and featured a room with a lockable door, a curved wall, an open meeting space that was skinned internally and externally as well as a backlit and front lit wall.

RX105 double-sided profiles with flat feet created points of interest and allowed us to tell our story.

It’s a great example of what this great product can achieve.

Whatever your signage needs – big or small, simple or complicated – Coleman Group can deliver every time.

Please get in touch to discuss your signage plans.


Rod & the Coleman Group team


Phone: 02 9784 9211

Horsing around

When you’re looking for a great photo opp, but need to ensure guest safety, this was a great solution our client came up with for a recent event.

Using a single sided REXframe profile, with a weighted, wired bolt through a fabric with a lead rope attached, guests could pose for a photo of them taming a wild horse.
It was a great idea and great publicity for social media.

Creating atmosphere in an office

This ceiling feature brings both nature and light into an open office space.

Using a REXframe lightbox rigged to the ceiling, a focal point has been created that brings warmth, light and atmosphere to the space.

Getting your message across

Gone are the days when your only option to restrict access or define a space was to put up barricades or posters.

With REXframe, we’re able to custom fit profiles to exact specifications and then brand them to promote an event, product or brand. The best part is that once you have the profile, you can use them again and again, with only the need to reprint the fabric.

The horses looked like they were about to run right out of the walls at the recent Yearling Sales.

FABnews - March 2018

Our feet have barely touched the ground since the start of the year and it’s March already!

We’ve been working on some pretty awesome projects and delivered great results for our clients.

Here’s a couple of recent highlights:

  • Huge curved rigged signage that defines a space and supports clouds, trees and backdrops to set the scene for the trailblazers at the Salesforce Campground.
  • Single sided exhibition stands that seamlessly house a TV screen, promote a brand and create a booth for EEAA at AIME 2018.
  • Arched walkways that grab attention and creatively showcase a product for Babyhood at the Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s Expo.

FABframe delivers it all with style!

When it’s curved AND rigged AND HUGE

Take a look at this 30 metre long curved, rigged signage at the 2018 Salesforce Campground. It’s incredible! And a great way to promote a product that lives in the “cloud”.

The 6.8m trees and the backdrops measuring up to 20m x 7m complete the campground look. After all, you really can’t have a campground without trees and a kangaroo can you!

It’s an awesome way to create the mood for an event and get your guests talking.

Arched walkways

When the product you’re selling is all about protecting the precious cargo, then creating a protective cocoon as your showcase makes absolute sense.

Babyhood did just that at the Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo to promote their cot and car seat products.

It’s also a great central focal point and the perfect way to display a lot of information in a defined space.

Proudly supporting EEAA at AIME

Coleman Group is always proud to support EEAA at their events, and this stand at AIME was no exception.

Whether you’re looking for a simple L shaped structure or a wall that can support a TV monitor or a stand with built-in storage,  FABframe is the one-stop shop for it all.

FABnews - February 2018

Every day we see some pretty amazing things cross our desk.

We work with incredible creatives who can take a simple thing, change it a little and give it a whole new look and life.

Making the ordinary look extraordinary is now becoming the norm and it’s pretty exciting to see what people can dream up.

The materials, the framework and the technology that we now have at hand all make the vision become a reality.

From the simple jobs to the incredibly complex, we’re beside you every step of the way.

Let us know what you’re dreaming up or what challenges you’re facing and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.


Completing the look

The inaugural MAAS Fashion Ball at the Powerhouse Museum was all about the look and the details. Overseen by the formidable Anna Wintour, with nearly 300 of the country’s top fashion heavyweights in attendance, this was never going to be an ordinary event – so no ordinary media wall was used.

This 12m long wall was printed on 5m UV self-adhesive vinyl on a roll to roll printer. It was then applied to a wall, a curve and the floor to achieve this continuous look.

A great effect for a great event.

When you can’t buy the branded product...

You just brand the product! Right?

These Coors deck chairs really looked the part with their new canvas prints for a recent activation.

Taking the ordinary to make it extraordinary...

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